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the client experience (Cx) lab

Think. Build. Act. Measure. Differentiate.

Client Experience is possibly the only differentiating factor which organisations have across their industry, however, it also has bottom-line value too.  Many published researchers have qualified that businesses who focus on delivering an exceptional client experience generate x4 more revenue, with clients paying premium prices in return for a memorable service.


At impact we support our clients to Think. Build. Act. Measure. Differentiate. their client experience journeys. Our solutions offer a comprehensive trust and experience touchpoint review and development, which will improve the depth of customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in increased revenue growth and cost efficiencies.


We provide ongoing support to businesses internally too which results in enhanced efficiency, increased cost savings and improved external insights which translate into revenue.

Here are some of the great things our 'impactors' can do for you and your business:

Cx growth strategy planning

  • Executive leadership strategy development

  • Assessment of your brand proposition, promise and alignment to commercial strategy

  • 360 view of customer journey


Developing a client-centric culture

  • Pre-Cx feedback and realignment

  • Internal process mapping

  • Development of internal roadmap

  • Internal communications

  • HR advisory

  • Training for functional teams


Cx Journey mapping and design

  • Key trust and touchpoint identification which will generate greater impact and revenue

  • Journey design

  • Simplify through automation of non-essential points optimising experience and cost

  • Personalisation of trust points which are integrated with the organisation’s measurement and analytics

  • Cx Technology advisory and consulting

  • Training for Cx service teams


Cx execution and measurement

  • Designing new operational models

  • Continuous improvement and development through Cx measurement internally & externally

  • Bi-annual reporting and measurement

  • Develop Cx council for clients and people

  • Engage and educate client and commercial leaders across the businesses 

Cx + Cx culture = Growth

The Virtual Marketer 


The Virtual Marketer 

Are you ready to meet your new virtual marketer? Innovate your marketing function.

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